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4.4. Notes for Service
• The vehicle cannot be towed away if only one axle is raised. <— no spectacle lift towing!!!
• Both the angular gearbox and the rear axle differential have an oil filling that lasts the entire service life of the assembly. <— good old “lifetime”, the question is, what is BMW’s expected lifetime?
• Similar to the previous all-wheel drive system, tires with very different tread depths cannot be used at the front and rear axle. <– no mismatching of tyres as per all haldex cars.


This is a good question indeed, one that is quite puzzling as it appears to have been designed in a way to make it very difficult to service, almost impossible easily. There is actually part of the casting that appears to have been formed/designed to have an oil drain point, then at the last minute they have not bothered to drill it – why would they, it’s “lifetime” ! Saving 50p a car adds up on production runs. Nor can you remove the pump as there is part of the casting that has been poorly considered so it is physically impossible to remove the pump, thus when it fails prematurely due to zero servicing, it makes replacing the small cheap part into a large laborious task. BMW are very good at this, anyone who’s done the whole N47 / B47 / N57 timing chain game knows how this manufacturer build cars nowadays. Attached are some pictures of modification which show where a drain bung can be drilled and tapped. Also where to cut to allow the pump to be removed and refitted but this was done with the pump already removed which required removing the prop shaft, exhaust and whole haldex coupling – although it may be possible to cut this casting/webbing using some sort of multitool in situe is you put your mind to it with some patience. The drain bung could be drilled in situe with careful use of swarf control using the vacuum method and the grease method. Ideally removing the side cover would be ideal but this may require removing the exhaust although can be done with the exhaust in side although access is tight. M5x0.8 is a good drain bung size to use thus drilling a 4.5mm hole.

You can try the oil suck out service, but it would be impossible to actually remove the majority of the oil from the bottom of the coupling this way. Also the gauze on the pump ideally needs cleaning. The suck out and refill is marginally better than doing nothing. If you are brave enough to want to keep a BMW/Mini longterm then carrying out the modifications above should be considered, especially if you live in a place where you truely depend on the 4wd to actually work when needed due to snow etc.

It would appear that BMW’s installation of Haldex is the worst of all the manufacturers even beating LandRover(!), due to the lack of drain or the abbility to remove the pump they will never ever be serviced, no warning messages will show when they are not working, and to resolve them will be a task that involves lots of labour does this sound farmilliar! Most of these cars beyond 60k miles will most likely have a non working 4wd system.


2′ F46 Gran Tourer
218dX Gran Tourer (ECE)220dX Gran Tourer (ECE)

2′ F45 Active Tourer
218dX Active Tourer (ECE)220dX Active Tourer (ECE)225iX Active Tourer (ECE)

2′ F46 Gran Tourer LCI
218dX B47 Gran Tourer (ECE)218dX B47B Gran Tourer (ECE)220dX Gran Tourer (ECE)

2′ F45 Active Tourer LCI
218dX B47 Active Tourer (ECE)218dX B47B Active Tourer (ECE)220dX Active Tourer (ECE)225iX Active Tourer (ECE)

MINI Clubman F54
Cooper ALL4 Clubman (USA)Cooper S ALL4 Clubman (USA)Cooper S ALL4 B48 Clubman (ECE)Cooper S ALL4 B48C Clubman (ECE)Cooper SD ALL4 B47 Clubman (ECE)Cooper SD ALL4 B47D Clubman (ECE)JCW ALL4 Clubman (ECE)JCW ALL4 Clubman (USA)

MINI Countryman F60
Cooper ALL4 B36 Countryman (USA)Cooper ALL4 B38 Countryman (ECE)Cooper ALL4 B38C Countryman (ECE)Cooper D ALL4 B47 Countryman (ECE)Cooper D ALL4 B47B Countryman (ECE)Cooper S ALL4 B46 Countryman (ECE)Cooper S ALL4 B46 Countryman (USA)Cooper S ALL4 B48 Countryman (ECE)Cooper S ALL4 B48C Countryman (ECE)Cooper SD ALL4 B47 Countryman (ECE)Cooper SD ALL4 B47D Countryman (ECE)JCW ALL4 B48 Countryman (ECE)JCW ALL4 B48 Countryman (USA)

X1 F48
X1 18dX SAV (RUS)X1 18dX B47 SAV (ECE)X1 18dX B47B SAV (ECE)X1 20dX B47 SAV (ECE)X1 20dX B47D SAV (ECE)X1 20iX B48 SAV (ECE)X1 20iX B48 SAV (RUS)X1 20iX B48C SAV (ECE)X1 20iX B48C SAV (RUS)X1 25dX SAV (ECE)X1 25iX B42 SAV (ECE)X1 25iX B46 SAV (ECE)X1 25iX B48 SAV (ECE)X1 25iX B48D SAV (ECE)X1 28iX SAV (USA)

X2 F39
X2 18dX B47 SAC (ECE)X2 18dX B47B SAC (ECE)X2 20dX B47 SAC (ECE)X2 20dX B47D SAC (ECE)X2 20iX B48C SAC (ECE)X2 25dX B47 SAC (ECE)X2 25dX B47E SAC (ECE)X2 25iX B46 SAC (ECE)X2 28iX B46 SAC (USA)X2 28iX B46D SAC (USA)X2 M35iX SAC (ECE)X2 M35iX SAC (USA)


33108692604 Hang on clutch with control unit x1 (the whole coupling with ECU AND Pump etc)
33148692605 Control unit x1 (just the ECU)
33108663457 Repair kit, hydraulic pump x1 (just the pump)
33118600494 Oil filler cap with oil check screw x1 (side cover with filling bung and washer)
31106772199 Alternative Number: 31107892988 Hexagon screw with flange, M10X35-10.9ZNS3 x4 (big bolts for main coupling)
33108699311 Flange nut, self-locking x1 (lock nut on drive flange)
33108663456 Repair kit rad.shaft seal hang on clutch x1 (drive flange with seals and lock nut)
33108696083 Gasket ring x1 (big seal O ring for coupling)
07119904527 Alternative Number: 07111736602 Hex Bolt with washer M6X20 x7 (bolts for side cover and ECU bracket etc)
83190404517 Alternative Number: 83190142916 Liquid sealant, Loctite 5970 50ML x1
07119907133 Screw plug, M8X1-ZNS3 x1 (filling bung)
07119909493 Gasket ring D8X11,5-AL x1 (washer for filling bung)
33118600492 Bracket, control unit x1
07119907545 Hexalobular socket screw, BM6X35-PC-ZNS3 x2 (2 star bolts for ECU)


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