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We can test and repair all Generation 2 and Generation 4 Haldex Controller ECUs from Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda vehicles using our bespoke bench testing rig. We have reverse engineered these ECU’s and stock all components to offer a fast and effective next day mail order service. We process around 250 units per year for owners and repeat trade customers. Send us your Haldex Unit today.

  • If viable for repair, we will repair your Haldex unit and retest it to ensure full functionality, and return via Royal Mail Special Delivery – £132.50+VAT = £159
  • After testing and inspecting, if it cannot be repaired we will post it back to you, fully assembled, via Royal Mail Special Delivery – £9.25+VAT = £11.10

Simply send your Gen 2 or Gen 4 Haldex controller via Royal Mail Special Delivery, including your contact details to:-

Auto Fault Finder
The Railway Exchange

Weston Road

Call us on 01270 440151

I was quoted £1400 to repair my Haldex controller by a VW specialist in Basingstoke. I discovered Matt's website and read the reviews...everything everyone says is true. He's both a genius and an incredibly nice, helpful person too. He gave me the confidence to remove my controller, which I sent the same day (Tuesday). Following day Matt rang to explain what he'd found, and that he could fix it. It was back with me Thursday morning, and by lunchtime, the car was fixed. Wow, what amazing service.
Julian Hickman
Julian Hickman
Alan Baines
Alan Baines
Can't recommend Matt enough! He revived my car from a very sticky situation and is now running perfectly Excellent service!
Dave Howlett
Dave Howlett
Replaced my injector seals on my Ford Fiesta. Cleaned up all the carbon too!!! Car Runs smooth without the clattering noise it used to make. Thanks Matt, you brill!
Cindy Salmon
Cindy Salmon

Generation 2 Haldex

Q1.Which Cars Are Generation 2?

Typically Gen 2 units are fitted to VW audi vehicles between 2003 to 2009 including Golf R32, Passat R35 and 3.2, Audi A3 S3 8P 2003 to 2008, Audi TT Mk2 8J 2006 to 2010 and almost every other VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda vehicle between 2003 and 2010.

Q2.What is the best way to get this fixed?

The easiest way to resolve Gen 2 Haldex faults is to get the ECU removed from the vehicle and send it to us via Royal Mail Special delivery for a same day test and repair service. You cannot drive the car with the ECU removed, and once removed if you shake the ECU you will typically hear the salt inside it.

Q3.What Are Generation 2 Part Numbers?

These generation 2 control units have the following part numbers:-

1K0907554 1K0907554A 1K0907554B 1K0907554C 1K0907554F 1K0907554K 1K0907554L – All original manufacturer fitted units. While early Gen 2 units were only marked VW hap511 5wp22202 but are a 1k0907554

1K0525130 1K0525130A 1K0525130B 1K0525130C 1K0525130F 1K0525130L – Units fitted later in the vehicles life as a replacement unit from VW Audi.

All Generation 2 controllers are cross compatable so they can be swapped without any coding or problems, except those fitted to VW Transporter vehicles with the Diff Lock function. They have a slightly different PCB population and software version.

Q4.What Are The Typical Fault Codes?

  • 02248 – Valve for Controlling Clutch Operating Angle (N373) 014 – Defective – Intermittent
  • 00448 – Haldex Clutch Pump (V181) 014 – Defective – Intermittent
  • 02249 – Sensor for Oil Pressure and Oil Temperature (G437) 004 – No signal OR 014 – Defective – Intermittent
  • 00003 – Control module faulty sporadic – 014
  • 01324 – All Wheel Drive Control Module -J492- 013 – Read Fault Memory sporadic
  • 65535 – Internal Control Module Memory Error 00-10 – Intermittent
  • 01324 – Control module for ALL WHEEL DRIVE (J492) 004 – No signal/communication – intermittent.
  • 00003 – Control Module 014 – Defective – Intermittent / Control module faulty sporadic
  • 16347 – Control Module – EEPROM error – 014 – Defective – Intermittent

Generation 4 Haldex

Q1.Which Cars Are Generation 4?

Typical Generation 4 Haldex systens are often found fitted to the Audi S3 A3 2009 onwards, late model post 2009 VW Golfs including R32, GTti and Golf R, Audi TT including TTRS TTS, Passat 4-Motion R36, VW Transporters and the VW Tiguan along with other VW Audi Seat and Skoda vehicles of this age.
These generation 4 control units have the following part numbers:-

Audi TT, TTS, A3, S3, Seat Altea, Skoda Yeti, Superb, VW Golf 4 Motion R32, GTi, R32
0BR907554 – 0BR907554A – 0BR907554B – 0BR907554C – 0BR598554 – 0BR598554A – 0BR598554B

VW Transporter (note Diff Lock – Not Compatible with other Gen 4 Controllers – Rare)
09N907554A – 09N598554 – 09N598554A

VW Tiguan, Sharan, Seat Alhambra
0AY907554C – 0AY907554D – 0AY907554E – 0AY598554 – 0AY598554A – 0AY598554B – 0AY598554C

Audi Q3, VW Passat All Track
0BS907554 – 0BS907554A – 0BS907554B – 0BS907554C – 0BS598554 – 0BS598554A

Q.2 Is the problem my pump and filter?

Typically after 50k to 70k the filter blocks up on these Gen 4 vehicl

es. You will be told by dealers, garages and parts suppliers that there is no filter on t

hese systems. The photo and diagram above show the filter but VW/Audi claim they are fitted for life, and a non servicable item! You cannot buy one from them as there is no part number etc. As the filter gets clogged the pump motor works over time wearing out the brushes and bearings and overheating the copper winding. Once the motor goes above or below the 7 ohm coil rating it will no longer pump correctly and needs to be replaced. We can supply replacement filters and pumps.

Q3.What is the best way to get this fixed?

The most common fault with these vehicles is caused by a clogged internal oil filter which burns out the motor inside the pump. We stock Generation 4 pumps, oil and filters to offer a same day dispatch. The filter is removed by using the oil pumps pressure to push out the filter cartridge, but if the pump does not work you first have to replace the pump and oil. Once the filter has been replaced you then refill the unit with oil. These ECU’s do also corrode, and unfortunately they give the same fault symptoms for both corrosion and pump failure making unskilled or inexperienced accurate diagnosis difficult. We offer the Mail Order testing and repair service for ECUs/controllers giving you the ability to fix your Gen 4 vehicle effectively.

Q4.What Are The Typical Fault Codes?

  • 02248 – Valve for Controlling Clutch Operating Angle (N373) – 014 Defective – Intermittent
  • 00448 – Haldex Clutch Pump (V181) – 002 – Lower Limit Exceeded – Intermittent
  • 01155 – Clutch – 003 – Mechanical Failure – Intermittent
  • 00448 – Haldex Clutch Pump (V181) – 011 – Open Circuit – Intermittent
  • 02248 – Valve for Controlling Clutch Operating Angle (N373) – 012 – Electrical Fault in Circuit
  • 01155 – Clutch – 003 – Mechanical Failure – Intermittent
  • 01324 – Control Module for All Wheel Drive (J492) 004 – No Signal/Communication
  • 65535 – Internal Control Module Memory Error 00-10 – Intermittent
  • 16347 – Control Module – EEPROM error – 014 – Defective – Intermittent
  • 00003 – Control Module 014 – Defective – Intermittent / Control module faulty sporadic

ECU Repair Service Frequently Asked Questions

01. Can You Repair Volvo and Ford Unit?

Yes, we have testing facilities for Ford and Volvo unit, please see our page dedicated to Volvo and Ford units.

02. Can I drive the car once the ECU is removed?

It is possible to slowly move the car in and out of a garage, but the vehicle must not be driven over walking pace as oil will leak out of the coupling and there is a risk of losing the slot in valve and sensor. So you must not drive the vehicle once the ECU is removed.

03. How does the mail order service work?

  • You send your ECU to the address at the bottom of the page via Royal Mail Special Delivery (about £7.50).
  • On the day we receive it we will test it, if faulty we will fix it if viable and reseal it.
  • If not faulty or not viable for repair we will rebuild it and seal it back up.
  • We will call you at around 4pm to take payment.
  • We will send it back to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery for next day delivery.

04. Do you stock replacement controllers?

There is more demand for replacement controllers than we have supply. We occasionally have a Gen2 or Gen4 controller available but they are usually sold very quickly. Be cautious buying second hand controllers as the all have some element of corrosion inside. If you wish we can test and reseal your own replacement controller which will seriously extend its life expectancy.

05. How Can I Make Payment?

We accept all Credit and Debit cards over the phone or in person. We can also take bank transfers or Paypal.

06. What is your success rate for repairs?

For Generation 2 and Generation 4 controllers we are getting around a 95% success rate for corrosion repairs. But less than 50% of all Gen 4 units sent in are are actually faulty as the most common cause of the problem is defective pumps and clogged up filters which we stock and can sell via mail order.

07. Can you supply other parts of the system?

We hold a small quantity of Gasket Plates, Concaved Washers, Fixing Screws, Clutch/Couple Opening Oil Control Valves (N373) and Pressure Sensors (G437). Mostly these are used/second hand components but helpful when missing. Please enquire for prices and availability.